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Los Angeles Nail Company



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Nail Size Options:

Shape: Round

Nail Info:

  • Length in photo: Short
  • Shape in photo: Round
  • Base Color: Black
  • Cat Eye effect: Blue 

 Each set contains:

    • 10 Handmade nails, sized to match your natural nails. XS, S, M, L or Customized
    • A Tool Kit:
      • 2 alcohol wipes
      • 1 wooden cuticle pusher
      • 1 mini nail file
      • 1 nail glue
      • 1 nail tab sheet

💜 In an effort to be eco-ffriendly, new customers will receive a gift package containing reusable items. This initiative excludes similar products from being included in future product packaging..

Want a customized size?

Choose the Custom option and email your custom sizes to Please include your order number. You may also purchase a Sample Size to have an accurately sized set.



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